Ana Zibelnik

We Are The Ones Turning

We Are the Ones Turning is both essential and commonplace: in the series, I set out to explore what it means to deal with the imminent possibility of impossibility. Representational value of the images is charged by their role as memento mori artefacts, thus doubly enforcing what is proper to photography as a medium. Don’t all photographs with their absence of decay, with their impossible stillness invoke a sad but necessary recognition from the spectator? Looking at them is an anxious yet important endeavour for it uncovers the difference between life and image, between living and remembering, between fiction and reality. Gadamer suggested that each artwork has seine eigene

Gegenwart – its very own present. By looking at the photographs, we admit them into our own time, so we can murmur to ourselves: “I am the only one who can hear the ticking of the clock.”