Irina Ivannikova


The project began when I found a folder of photos of repairs on the Internet, which I sorted into categories. At that moment it was more of a procrastination from other important things. Then, I began to use building and repair materials in my installations and realised that this was a way of understanding and feeling the changes that were taking place inside of me, a way of living through the crisis.

The project has been combined into a series of performative photographs, the photographs capture a phenomenological cast of subjective states, like a catalog of bodily experiences. The room becomes an existential hiding place for recording internal events through the reconstruction of the repair work in the installation. Images of installations in the room are mixed with images found on the Internet, mental constructions of subjective states mimic the environment and merge into a common space. The photograph fixes on the duration and immobility of the changes, the observation of the permanent repair process becomes valuable in itself.