Gian Marco Sanna

Red Area

Red Area is an ongoing project started one year ago, imagining the last days on the planet earth of humanity.

Will be the end? Is it possible that after our frenetic life are we all in the same tunnel? That's right ... our beautiful planet, that we have exploited it, abused it, humiliated it and now what seemed obvious to us, we are missing it. We miss light, sun, freedom, life. We are like an anthill of men, unaware of their destiny, sad and repentant.

Who knows if we will be different at the end of this period, maybe we will have learned to listen to each other more, to appreciate the silence, and to stop this inexhaustible race ... but if we knew our past and our future, would there still be that desire to run? And so life will begin to flow again, and these shots will remain forever the dark memory and the red light of fear, but also the hope of a better world.