Fred Huening

einer (one)

“einer (one)“ is the first part of a trilogy of books (called einer, zwei, drei / all published by Berlin based Peperoni Books) dealing with family, motherhood, childhood, love, sex, beauty, decay, birth and death. decay. it is about a stillborn kid and the urgent wish of the suffering mother to get pregnant again and give birth to an healthy child. It is also a love story between a woman (the mother) and a man (the photographer) and a story of the wish for a child together and the mother´s permanent fear – on the basis of her own previous experiences – to lose this planned child again.

Those particular pictures were chosen for this very personal “Passion Story“. They are either ambigious and / or represent hidden religious symbolism. The repetetive motive of carcasses at the wayside is a symbol for one´s own mortality – a modern “Memento Mori“.

Love, sex and death, beauty and transitoriness, lust and suffering are the centre of my photographic interests.

Above mentioned quotation introduces the series and comprises everything I want to express with my pictures.