JH Engström

Far from Stockholm

I live and photograph here now.

Far from Stockholm.

I see tenderness as a tone

in the landscape.

In the shared space.

Also the humbleness of eyes.

I think of periphery and centre.

JH Engström, Smedsby, 2013.

Långt från Stockholm (Far from Stockholm) finds JH Engström on a journey into the surrounding world away from the big city. Shifting between isolated small communities and the untamed wilderness of the Swedish landscape -Engström weaves the two worlds with portraits of ‘dance bands’, youths etc and juxtaposing them amongst icy rivers, forests and disappearing roads.

By weaving these themes, Engstrom tells at once a poetic solitary and contemplative story whilst returning to the heart and structure of the small community. The book Långt Från Stockholm was published by Mörel Books 2013.

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