Yana Vasilyeva


The series explores the idea of self-analysis.

Absorbing the light from a clear window and employing objects as if they were paint, kitchen utensils are constructed into sculptures like steps of self-knowledge and reflection.

Pause for a moment in a kaleidoscope of scattered facts and pieces of information. Take a deep breath. Stop the internal dialogue, transforming the swamp of uncertainty into solid ground using quiescence and inner silence leading towards introspection and self-understanding.

Fragmented consciousness is extremely conducive to all sorts of manipulation. The thought process is oppressed by stimuli, constantly changing, demanding compressed and easily digestible "food". Socialization. . . authority. . . enlightenment. . . relations. . . family. . . stability. . . overcoming. . . development. . . balance. . . protest. . . block. . . time. . . composure. . . regime. . . position.

Mixed and torn into pieces of thoughts, aspirations, memories, experience and knowledge – the living tissue of memory creates a coherent picture.

Organize the database. Restart.