Valentin Russo

Here, The world takes an end more quietly

«Here, the world takes an end more quietly » tells us the story of a world that falls apart slowly and rapidly at the same time. It tries to capture the instant when fiction becomes reality.

For this series, I was inspired by the latest events, as they truly felt like the end of the World, or at least felt like a disaster was constantly heading our way. With this series, I am portraying my personal view of a world falling apart, a world I am mourning, through images of an everyday life

that is sometimes ordinary, and sometimes fictionalised.

The title of this Series was inspired by one of the last letters of W. Benjamin’s exile, at the dawn of the Second World War. It echoes this inevitable feel of collapsing, with no way to resist or change, that turns us into observers of our own decline. These photographs attempt to find poetry in these

last moments that darkness seems to suck in and consume, quietly.