Quentin Yvelin

The hut ( from ashes to dust )

The story takes place around a hut which is the symbol of a quest and intimate transformation of characters.

The Hut represents hidden knowledge. A secret experience that reveals the desire to return to the roots, the fundamentals of a simple life

People indulge in purifying experiences here and initiators.

The contact with the elements in particular the fire comes transform the vile matter into a spiritual essence.

The time of these ceremonies is also that of introspection and confrontation to a fatal condition.

The images produced then take these metamorphoses of these transformations.

From quest to vision, replay here, eternal rituals mix and renew ways to reclaim a relationship with existence and nature.

For this series I followed people looking for simplicity and trying the experience of removing the chaos that consumption inspires in them.

They are looking for a return to spirituality and a deep link with nature, the stars ... The book I propose would like to mix a cinematic atmosphere with the esoteric and spiritual quest of this trip.

And could be realized in the form of an intimate notebook that mixes esotericism and topographic survey.