Maximilian Koppernock

Bye Bye Butterfly

The photo series Bye Bye Butterfly draws us into a space of possibilities and

uncertainties. The atmosphere is just as disruptive as it is intriguing. One is aware of and yet invited to forget the boundaries drawn between the actual and the fantastical. AI generated errors become photographic tools. Manipulation is no longer hidden. Things that couldn’t be expressed before are made visible now. We become immersed in the interplay of artificial disturbances and elusive visions. Creatures can’t be deciphered fully, and their environments stay hazy, making us reconsider our perception. Who is serving whom here? Sharpness and details wax and wane, leaving the narrative unsettled. Will we try to decipher the artificial from the natural, or will we let ourselves fall into the in-between? Who do we become once we land there? How do we relate to those new artificial subjects and environments? The photo series urges for a renegotiation of binaries, of identities and perspective. It disturbs preconceived notions of nature, technology and our relationship to those forces, ultimately leaving those judgements up to the viewer.