Antonio Guerra

Horizontes. Ninguna Ruta Marcada

Horizons is part of the Ninguna Ruta Marcada Project.

With access to new communication technologies, our way of understanding ‘the trip’ has changed. The road, as a journey of discovery and exploration, has made way for the creation of artificial and interactive situations based on the simulacrum.

No Marked Path reflects, through the imagery of the popular culture ‘road movie’, on the present conflict between highway travel, technology and image. Starting from the idea that Frederic Jameson points out of ‘our inability to achieve aesthetic representations of our own current experience’, I’m interested in examining how concepts related to the mark left by man through technology, the screen as a catalyst for experiences, and the interrelation between map and territory are present in our environment and landscape.

Composed of six chapters that include photography, photosculpture, and installation, the work combines materials and media, fiction and reality, strategically displaying visual and material details to confront the device with the image for its questioning.

In the Horizons chapter, I investigate the horizon line as the indispensable part of the landscape that generates the need to travel, to explore and reach beyond. But also as a representation of condemnation, when we obsessively aspire to its line, which we believe to be the end. I extract small details from films belonging to “road movie” genre , barely perceptible fragments to generate a rhythm that refers to to the out of shot. A fragment that places us in a corner, in the periphery of the image, leaving out the event it represented.