Wei Xianwen

Virtual narrative of residence

I used my imagination of the remnants of the house obtained from my mother, combined with my personal memory and experienced, and crafted a complete story. I constructed three groups of tenants in the 10 years from 2010 to present day, conducting street photography surveys within the community to find matching characters, to bring authenticity to my story, and finally hired three people to perform scenes. It also mixes old private photos, opera texts, and archives, and uses intermediary references to imply narrative connections, establishing an environment for character tragedies. Showing the conflict between people's hope and reality in modern life in contrast to the traditional spirit. Looking back at the 90s, parents lived in such a house and struggled in silence. They had great expectations for the future life, but in fact, after moving away from such a dilapidated house. It led to the breakdown of family relations and all kinds of individual loss. I have incorporated the loss I experienced during the rapid development of China into the story of each character. Those great waves of the times have also washed over many people.