21х30 cm Paperback Russian and English 22€
Second printed issue of Grandmama's Print. The theme of the issue is MISTAKE.

Grandmama's Print Magazine (St. Petersburg) is a new independent magazine on modern photography, hailing from St Petersburg. The second print issue focuses on The Mistake and will be released in November 2021. The main theme of this issue is Susan Sontag's quote "Art history is a succession of successful transgressions".

In the magazine you will find 8 photo projects by Russian and foreign authors, an interview with a contemporary visual artist, five essays on the theme of "Mistake" by artists and curators, a column "Control Prints", and a bonus - a 3D installation by the artist Anna Afonina in QR-code format.

Participants of the issue:

Ilya Bugaev, Mariia Ermolenko, Ignacio Coló, Monika Orpik, Sergey K, Luca Baioni, Isabelle Wenzel, Breno Rotatori, Alina Tarabarinova, Anastasia Bespalova, Igor Elukov, Kristina Sergeeva, Nadya Sheremetova, Anna Afonina, Elena Helfrecht.